Green Name.
Green Nature.

More Than Just Fragrances
Committed to conscious luxury.

For so long, our stories have been told by outsiders who stand just beyond the true nuances of who we are and who we are becoming.

Ted Green believes it’s time to take charge of our own fables and our own futures by capturing the essences that have shaped us all across the Caribbean and crafting fragrances that call ancient energy back into power, infusing every woman with the full force of her divinity.

We believe in the creative and cultural energy of the Caribbean. It’s why we base our fragrances on her fruits and flowers and why we’re committed to creating sustainable farming, harvesting and manufacturing processes. It is our dream to establish and expand what we’re doing with this brand within the Caribbean so that it is not just her fragrance profiles that assume their rightful place in the industry, but also her people.

Our catalogues are not just products, but a promise we make to our homelands to make them proud and to tell their stories well.

When you wear Ted Green or fill your home with our candles, you become a part of that journey too.