Frequently Asked Questions

Order Related

  • Do I need to have an account to place an order?

    We love all our shoppers, so no account is needed to order. However, opening your VIP Club account today can give you exclusive benefits, like early access to updates and promos and skipping the lines on our top sellers.

  • How do I cancel or change my order?

    Things change- like your mind or your order. Whenever that happens, email us at as soon as possible. We’ll always do our best to accommodate your request, but in some instances your order might not be able to be modified such as those that have already shipped.

  • What is your return/exchange policy?

    We give you 30 days to return your item for a refund, as long as your product is returned in exactly the same condition in which you received it, with no damage whatsoever.

    You can read our full refund policy terms here at

  • Do you accept international orders?

    Yes, we do. We’re delighted to ship our products across the globe.

  • What countries do you ship to?

    Our customers are in countries all around the world, so we’re happy to ship your purchases anywhere. Please note that shipping times vary based on country.

  • What payment methods are offered?

    We look forward to fulfilling your orders paid via PayPal.

  • How do I check on my order status?

    Once you’re a VIP club member, your details will be logged on your Order History on your Order Status tracking page at Please note that the Order History will not be updated until the product(s) have shipped. 

    However, if you have not yet signed up to be one of our VIP club members yet, please email us at for an order update. 

    It’s easy to sign up to be a part of our VIP club, you can create your account at: to check on your order statuses in the future as well as receive other benefits such as:

    • First access to special offers, contests and promotions.
    • Free shipping in the Cayman Islands for orders over $100
    • Free Shipping in the USA for orders over $125
  • How long does it take to get my order?
    CountryProcessing TimeShipping Time
    Cayman Islands24 hours from the time of purchaseSame day shipping and received within 48 hours. 
    United States & Canada24 hours from the time of purchaseShipped within 48 hours. Estimated arrival 1 to 7 business days. 
    Rest of the world24 hours from the time of purchaseShipped within 48 hours. Arrival times vary from country to country.
  • How much does shipping cost?
    CountryShipping Cost
    Cayman Islands$5 USD
    United States & Canada$12 USD
    Rest of the world$35 USD


VIP Club

  • How do I join the VIP club?

    Our VIP Club is not just easy to join, it’s the sure way to access benefits like order status, early access to promotions and so much more. Get started today by creating your account at:

  • What are the exclusive benefits of being a part of the VIP Club?

    As a part of our VIP Club, you’ll be the first to access special offers, contests and promotions.

  • Where do I sign in?

    Sign into access the VIP club area at

  • How do I update my shipping/billing address?

    Login at and select “Addresses” on the left bar.

  • I can’t remember my password, how do I reset it?

    Go to and click “Lost Your Password” under the login options, and follow the next steps sent to your email. 

Product Related

  • What are key notes?

    Key notes are the main ingredients that make up the fragrance.

  • Are your candles hypoallergenic?

    All our products are made to minimise  the risk of allergic responses.

  • Are your products tested on animals?

    Animals have rights too. We do not test on animals.

  • Where are your candles made?

    Our candles are inspired by our Caribbean lifestyle and handcrafted in the USA.

  • Where can you find Ted Green products in stores?


    Cayman Crystal Caves

    Cayman Spirits:

    • Industrial Park
    • Pedro St. James

    Kirk Freeport Stores:

    • La Parfumerie
    • La Parfumerie II
    •  Bayshore Mall
    • The Stand
    • Westin
    • Owen Roberts Airport
    • Cayman Brac

    National Trust, Nature Store

    Pure Art



    The Ritz-Carlton:

    • The Cupboard
    • La Prairie Spa, Gift Shop



    Kirk Freeport Stores:


    • La Parfumerie II
    •  Bayshore Mall
    • The Stand
    • Westin
    • Owen Roberts Airport
    • Cayman Brac


    The Ritz-Carlton:

    • La Prairie Spa, Gift Shop
    • The Cupboard
  • What is the burn-time of your candles?

    Our candles burn for 80 hours.

  • How can I extend the life of my soy candle?

    One of our favourite things about our soy candles is the way that soy ‘remembers’ its burn patterns. To maximise this trait, we recommend tilting your candle to spread the wax across the entire surface of the candle before extinguishing. This way the next time you light the candle, instead of burning straight down and creating a candle wick tunnel, the soy embraces the ‘new’ memory of a smooth surface and continues to burn evenly. As always, try not to burn your candle for longer than 4 hours at a time, and keep it out of the reach of drafts or breezes.

  • What are your candles made of?

    Our natural candles are made of a high-quality soy blend which consist primarily of soy,with some paraffin, some vegetable oils and fragrance oils.

  • Should I be concerned about lead, parabens, dyes or phthalates in the candles?

    Not with Ted Green! Our candles are non-toxic, free from lead and plastics, contain no parabens, synthetic dyes or phthalates.

  • When should I discard my candles?

    Our candles were designed to be a part of your life forever! Beautifully crafted vessels mean that once your candle has been burned down to roughly 1/4”, it’s time to discard the wax, and use the container as decor, planter or household or office storage.

  • Can I recycle my bottles/glass?

    Yes, and we absolutely recommend it!

  • What is the best way to store my candles?

    When your candle isn’t shining brightly, it prefers to be stored in a cool, dry location. While some candles soften faster than others, prolonged exposure to heat can compromise any candle so try to store them away from direct heat or light to preserve their shape and scent.

  • Where should I burn my candle and how long would you recommend?

    We have a candle for every mood and every room. Burn it safely wherever you please, as long as it is kept out of the reach of children and pets, flamables, and lit out of the path of drafts. Large rooms, or rooms with higher ceilings can benefit from multiple candles that amplify or even blend fragrances for a bolder impact, while smaller rooms might experience the same from a single candle. Never fall asleep with a lit candle, and try not to exceed four hours at a time.

  • My candle won’t light, what should I do?

    Candles love to light up, so if your candle won’t catch flame your wick is either too short, or coated in wax. Both issues can be resolved by digging out a little wax around the wick to free up more length. It should shine brilliantly now.

  • What causes a candle to smoke, and what can I do to correct it?

    When it comes to candles where there’s smoke, there’s a problem- and that problem is not actually the colours, fragrances or additives in the candle. In any quality candle, issues with soot come from wick maintenance or air disturbances that agitate the flame, allowing unburned carbon particles to escape as smoke or soot. Keeping wicks neatly trimmed and lighting candles out of the path of wind or breezes can help keep your candles clean and bright.

  • What is the best way to apply perfume?

    Ignore the movies, and follow these instructions for best results: Spray your perfume from a distance of at least 8 inches to create a wide, fine mist of fragrance that will last much longer than concentrated bursts on smaller areas. Never rub one wrist against the other, as this can bruise the notes and change the fragrance. Always give each wrist its own spritz and let that air dry naturally for a true, long-lasting scent impact.

  • Is your perfume hypoallergenic?

    Yes. All our products are carefully composed to minimise the risk of allergic responses.

  • Can I get samples of the perfume?

    Yes, we’re happy to gift you one free sample. All you have to do is request it, and cover the shipping.

  • Where is your perfume made?

    Our perfume is inspired by the exotic flora of the Caribbean and crafted in France.

  • What is the best way to store my perfume to preserve the quality of the fragrance?

    The shelf life of your fragrance depends on where and how you store it. Ideally, this would mean keeping it in its original packaging, including the box, to shelter it away from bright lights, heat and air. If you don’t have its original packaging, you can still lengthen the life of your favourite fragrance by ensuring that the bottle is tightly sealed and stored away from direct sunlight, air and heat.

  • Where should I apply perfume?

    The heart of your favourite perfume connects with your own heart. All the pulse points of your body are made to warm, intensify and diffuse your fragrance. Test each new perfume on the back of your hand and once you commit, apply to the points at the base of your throat and earlobes, inside your wrists and elbows and behind your knees. As your heart beats, it will bloom your fragrance beautifully.