Designed for who we are. Inspired by who we’ll become. Planted for the blooming between.

This is it: your time. Time to define your journey your way. You’re not new to this. You’ve been dancing to the sacred rhythm your whole life. This earth runs through your blood and its heritage flows through your hair. Whatever your age, you are timeless. You are fierce. Feminine. Free.

About Ted Green
You’re why we’re here. You’re the reason we bloom.

Ted Green is a high-end fragrance brand born in the Cayman Islands. Forged in the fables and flora of the islands, Ted Green is a love song to the myth and mystery of the Caribbean woman. Never just one thing, she is somehow the embodiment of earth and imagination- all elements reflected in every iconic Ted Green fragrance.

What began as an homage to Caribbean essences and experiences has evolved into a full-fledged fragrance house, infusing empowerment, enlightenment and exotic authenticity into every aroma.

With only Caribbean native creatives at the helm, this brand reflects a profound connection to Caribbean lands, legends and life and celebrates the women who have channeled its power for generations. This commitment to telling the story of the Caribbean woman is reflected at every level of the brand, with one such Muse confidently helping steer the brand into its new energy.

Scents That Bloom

With this suite of signature scents in perfumes and home fragrances, the light and loveliness of the Caribbean can be savoured time and again.

Find your fragrance. Free your soul.